Weight Loss Services

Mention weight loss and most of us get uncomfortable. I myself have had my struggles with weight and weight loss.

As a defensive lineman throughout my high school and college years I was required to maintain a certain weight and this allowed me to devour a huge amount of calories. I was able to maintain a higher muscle mass and keep a lower body-fat percentage because of year around training and intense practices.

However, once I graduated college and began my career my weight began to gradually spiral out of control. I gradually over about two years went from a playing weight of 245 pounds and about 12.5% body-fat to a scale tipping 295 and 40% body fat.

I was continually tired, suffered with sleep apnea and had the beginnings of metabolic syndrome.

It was not until the middle of my second year of Chiropractic school that the light was turned on by one of my professors during my first nutrition class. I learned that with proper balanced nutrition, and consistent low impact exercise you can lose weight.

My professor said in 10 weeks of applying simple principles you could lose weight and be healthy. Well I applied this principles and at the end of 10 weeks I was 245 pounds and many of my health issues resolved.

Let our office guide you and teach you the basics on how to live a healthy, happy and active life you deserve.

Many of us have seen the numerous ever changing number of companies offering the newest weight loss sensation.

Our offices believes every good weight loss program begins with utilization of only the best whole food nutritional supplements. Supplements that are manufacturered for both purity and concentration. The products avaliable to our office are professional grade products only avaliable through a medical professional Our office has both a 10 day and 21 day detoxification program, and are avaliable to assist you to reach your goals every step of the way.