Patient Testimonials

Madelyn's Story

Madelyn, was diagnosed with autism a few weeks before her third birthday. Autism is unusual in that it can present itself in different and unique ways in each individual with the diagnosis. The saying goes, If you have met one autistic person, you have met one autistic person.They can not be easily grouped. Some of the symptoms that Madelyn dealt with was severe pain in her joints, starting with her hands, wrists, sometimes shoulders and elbows, hips, pelvic bone, sometimes knees and ankles, feet and toes. She would pound her fists on these areas to over ride the painful stimuli and numb it. She would have different times of the day when it affected her more than others; usually early morning and early evening.

We went to several different doctors, therapists and had x-rays done, physical therapy and behavior evaluations. No one could seem to put there finger what was happening in her body.

Then, one day, we met Dr. Gold of Anclote Chiropractic. I told him about Madelyn's pain issues and he offered to see her. Since she is non-verbal, has Sensory Processing Disorder and has become suspicious of doctors, already, in her short life, I was afraid that she may not let Dr. Gold adjust her at all. But, Dr. Gold was confident in Madelyn and very patient with her, truly caring about her improvements. Madelyn must have sensed this and got right up on his table. She allowed him to do a little bit and with each new visit he was able to do more and more. We went twice a week, and soon Madelyn was hopping up onto the table and holding out her hands or feet for Dr. Gold, showing him where she needed his attention.

It has been nearly a year and I am thrilled to report that Madelyn's body aches and pains are all but gone. If they surface, it is only in her feet and toes, no longer attacking her whole body. She is sleeping better, all night long, showing more patience, calmness and listening better. She now tells Dr. Gold, Thank you, and Good-Bye at the end of each visit. Chiropractic care has made a remarkable difference in the life of my daughter and our family and I thank, Dr. Gold for it!! He did not give up on her, perhaps she is his most unpredictable patient, her watched for clues to figure out how to help her best. His devotion to his field and heart of GOLD. Towards his patience make his practice successful and my family will always be grateful!

"I am a 65-year-old male, receiving treatments for a severe impingement in my right shoulder. Dr. Gold, adjusts me, uses ultrasound, with bio freeze gel and finishes each treatment with a new and effective tape (Rock Tape).

Thank you, Dr. Gold for helping me enjoy my daily life with minimal discomfort."

-- Corky